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with StepsDirect's data-driven orthotic therapy and posture correction programs, designed to make you feel better regardless of age.  

Did You Know?

Your feet and posture could be negatively impacting your cognitive and physical performance. 

  • Side Effects of Bad Posture

  • Side Effects of Bad Foundation

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65% of children under 18 years old have incorrect posture due to the rise of technology and bad habits. 

How can Bad Posture Impact Your Life?

  • Sleep Loss & Tiredness
  • Attention Deficit & Depression
  • Tech Neck Syndrome & Digital Dementia
  • Limited Brain Development & Neuroplasticity
  • Abnormal Sensorimotor Control
  • Decreased Immunity & Brain Blood Flow
  • Chronic Pain & Injuries from the feet up

If this sounds like something you or your children could be struggling with, schedule a free consultation today! 

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87% of the general population is affected by foot pain at some point in their lives. 

How Can Foot Conditions Impact Your Life?

  • Chronic Pain in Back and Joints
  • Posture Abnormalities
  • Performance Limitations
  • Injuries and Falls
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Calluses & Spurs
  • Bent Toes, etc.

If you are concerned that you or your children could be experiencing side effects related to foot conditions, schedule a free consultation today! 

StepsDirect can help you minimize and/or prevent these side effects with the right education, data, corrective devices and neuromuscular activation techniques.

How It Works

The StepsDirect Approach



Phase 1: Relieve Pain

Before kickstarting your wellness journey, we will spend some time understanding your problem and getting your pain under control. No surgeries or pain medication. 



Phase 2: Prevent Injuries

Our next phase focuses on building strength and injury resiliency. We want to make sure your posture and foundation reflect your lifestyle needs and goals. 



Phase 3: Improve Performance

The last phase focuses on sustaining and challenging the stability, strength and mobility we have developed over time, and using data to track your improvement. 

Why Should You Trust Us?

The StepsDirect Difference

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Research-Grade Foot Pressure Mapping & Gait Analysis Technology

Unlike traditional providers, our unique sensors can capture human performance and biomechanics data, in the lab or on the field.

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Orthotic Treatments Based On A Patented 24 Foot Types Model

We go beyond arch supports. We use total foot control orthotics that are personalized for your foot type, and part of a 12 month treatment plan.

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Posture Correction Using Neuromuscular Activation Techniques

Our team is made up of sport medicine, O&P, and posture experts who have been helping individuals like you for over 25 years.

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An Accesible Membership Model To Stay With You For The Ride.

We believe in measuring outcomes See how your body's foundation and alignment improves over time with our 3 phase approach!


What Our Customers Say

"The most important thing to any athlete is to avoid injury. Take it from a coach and a runner, sooner or later if you run you may have some flaws in your form. Help yourself by either practicing with these insoles or even after you practice. This is a definite way to avoid injury and stay in the game."

"One thing I always tell my clients is they need to obtain the proper foot mechanism whether it’s with walking, running, or lifting weights. Getting an assessment at StepsDirect prior to working with me is a must to ensure we can adjust the training plan based on the reality of their body's needs."

"I am so glad I found StepsDirect. My 3 year old was walking on his tip toes, and with StepsDirect's treatment plan he has been able to make progress in just a few weeks. What I like the most is that an annual replacement is included in the membership, so I don't need to worry about buying a new orthotic every year.

Take Control Of Your Wellness. Try A Better Way. 


people visit orthopedic surgeons every year, in search for a solution to their pain.


of those visits get prescribed pain medication.


of all medical costs can be avoided by simply treating your feet & posture proactively. 

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