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Highly recommend if you have flat foot!

As someone who works in landscaping and is standing all day, I highly recommend Steps Direct Orthotics. I’ve been using my custom insoles now for over 3 months, since they first launched, and I can testify that they have significantly improved my foot, back and neck pain. I have flat foot, so everyday I came home with aching pain at the bottom of my feet. Not anymore… Highly Recommend.

Gloria G.
Just recieved mine, and already love them!

The package was super cute, and literally received it the same week I ordered them. They are AMAZING!!! It takes 3-4 days for your feet to get used to wearing them (since I always wore flat shoes with no support), but after that you can’t wear shoes without them! I’ve been wearing them every day for weeks now and decided to buy a 2nd pair. Definitely recommend!!

Recommend For Daily Lifestyle!

I do weightlifting 6-7 days a week & one thing I always tell my clients is you need to obtain the proper foot mechanism. By cushioning the undersides of the feet and providing a strong, secure foundation for the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons that keep us moving flexibly and efficiently. It provided me with proper form wether it’s with walking, running, lifting weights. They have improved my overall balance & distribute the weights properly all over the body. I love them & definitely recommend for each person.


I’ve always had flatfoot which made my knees and hips always hurt when playing sports, but now all of that is gone!! My knees and hips are way more aligned and I can run better without pain. Highly recommend! Honestly best insoles I’ve ever bought. Worth the investment.