• 4 Tips To Stay Committed With Your New Year Fitness Goals

    What busy individuals can do on a daily basis to stay committed to their fitness goals and live a healthier life. Here we share 4 principles to minimize the amount of decisions in your day and actually simplify the process of making the right decision in the most basic areas of your life.  

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  • Which Insoles Are Right For You? OTC, Premium OTC, Customized or Custom-Made

    Choosing the right insoles can be overwhelming, specially if you are trying to balance quality and price. In this blog we will walk you through the 4 types of insoles you can choose from. 

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  • Plantar Fasciitis: The Reason Why You Wake Up Limping

    If your limping as soon as you wake up, or you feel a stabbing pain on your heel at the end of a full day of work, you probably suffer from plantar fasciitis. Learn what it is, treatment options and pain relief exercises that will make you feel better almost immediately. 

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